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Statement Journal Set (Multiple Styles)



  • Comes with three different 4" x 5.5" journals banded together.
  • Journals are pocket-sized with rounded corners, blank pages, and sturdy dark-orange, black, and light-orange covers.


Cat People  Cat People 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Funniest Cat Videos I've Seen
- Why Cats Are Way Better Than Dogs
- Types of Hairballs & What They Mean On an Existential Level
Dog People Dog People 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Dogs I'm Going to Get Next
- Why Dogs Are Way Better Than People
- Types of Dog Farts & What They Mean On a Spiritual Level
Drama Queens Drama Queens 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Shit List
- How to Make a Big Deal Out of Anything
- Things That He Said That She Said
#Goals #Goals 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Exercises I Probs Won't Do
- Motivational Quotes I Copied from the Internet
- #Goals I Stole from Friends
Grammar Police

Grammar Police 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Violations of Your/You're
- Unsolicited Grammatical Revisions I've Sent to Random Companies
- Official Grammar Police Manual


Introverts 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- 1-Person Party Ideas
- The Joys of Isolation
- Top Reasons to Stay Home

Middle Child

The Middle Child 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Top Ten Ways I Was Ignored
- Reflections on Favoritism
- Why Middle Children are Superior


Procrastinators 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- To Do Lists I'll Never Do
- Goals for the Year After Next
- Unused Journal


Teachers 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Wines That Pair Well with Grading Papers
- Why I Live for Summers
- Ways Teachers are Underappreciated


Winos 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
 Best Breakfast Chardonnays
- Wines That Pair Well with Other Wines
- Energizing Wines for the Shower


Writers 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- Lightly Plagiarized Ideas
- Semi-Deplorable Poetry
- Mostly Nonsense

Zero Fucks

Zero Fucks 3-Pack Journals Set Contains:
- People Who Made Me This Way
- Number of Times I Said Fuck It Today
- Journal of No Fucks