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Captain Green and the Tree Machine



Captain Green is back and this time he's creating a gadget to help save the planet. As he fine-tunes his invention, disaster strikes. Hornbill's tree has been chopped down and there's tree trouble for Elephant and Orangutan too. Captain Green scrambles to finish his invention―a TREE MACHINE―and zooms to the rescue! ZAP! ZOOP! ZINK! Trees pop up everywhere until... BANG! Oh no!
How will Captain Green save the animals now?

"Fun, engaging, and eye-opening, this book does an incredible job teaching young readers the importance of keeping our forests standing so that they can continue to support lifeanimal and humannow and in the future. The back matter is the perfect finishing touch, showing kids what they can do in their day-to-day lives to Keep It Green." Michael Radomir, Executive Director, Stand For Trees