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HAND PAINTED GLASS BAUBLE : Hong Kong Skyline White Christmas



Each totally unique and painstakingly hand-painted, using the ancient "nei hua" technique traditionally used for snuff bottles, these LIMITED EDITION glass baubles make treasured keepsakes. With a festive red ribbon for hanging, and a beautiful branded gift box, they make a very special addition to your Christmas collection for those who love Hong Kong.

What is Nei Hua

Nei Hua is an ancient technique sometimes know as 'inside painting' where a skilled artisan uses a specially designed brush with a curved handle (and sometimes only one bristle!) to delicately draw the outline of the illustration on the inside of the glass bauble. The foreground details are then painted and each additional layer of colour is applied in reverse order with the background being the last application.

Baubles come in a beautiful decorative box (gorgeous for gifting, but practical for storing). 

    • bauble is made of glass
    • hand painted using the nei hua technique
    • comes in a decorative box for easy gifting and safe storage
    • completely non-toxic
    • bauble dimensions: 7.5cm diameter