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Lido, mm-goi! Minibus



Iconic Hong Kong minibuses, mounted and framed to go.

Hong Kong transport is held together with the ever present, iconic minibuses. Green or red roofed, they scream around dropping off and picking up from anywhere (no need to go to the bus stop!) To flag one down, you flap your hand from the wrist, and they will stop. Once on board, when you are where you want to get to, you shout out “Lido, mm-goi!” , which means “here, please” and the driver will screech to a halt and off you get. The green roofed busses are regulated, and run by the transport department with fixed fares. The red roofed ones are unregulated, and drivers can change their fares at whim: expect to pay more in typhoons or heavy rain!

So here we have two diecast metal minibuses, mounted in a shadow box frame, so you can take a bit of Hong Kong life home with you.


Size: 25 x 25 x 4 cm

Country of Origin: 
Hong Kong
Additional Information: 
The frame have a hook on the back to hang it from.