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Tofu Addict Enamel Pin



<stands up, waves nervously> Um, hi. We’re PP HQ, and we are tofuholics. It’s been <checks watch> 45 minutes since our last bowl of tofu. When we’re not eating it, we build little forts out of tofu squares. We invented a new martial art, Kung Tofu, which centres on the art of stunning your enemy by throwing tofu at them. We practice zen meditation by staring intently at a bowl of tofu and challenging ourselves not to eat it. Thank you for letting us join. <sits>

Harmonious pastels infuse these gorgeous cruelty-free designs, allowing you to stylishly and peacefully spread the message of respect for Mama Earth’s animal inhabitants.

 Hard enamel pin with Punky Pins logo on reverse. Measuring 26mm (high) by 29mm (wide).