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Kawaii Drawing



Learn to Draw More Than 100 Super Cute Things

Create cute, imaginative art in the kawaii style! Illustrator Becky Castaneda (@Beckycas) presents more than 100 adorable drawing tutorials for you to try. Kawaii-style artwork hails from Japan and has become super popular throughout the world. Through her art, Becky Cas (Castaneda) seeks to spread joy and find inspiration in her surroundings. Now you can expand your own creativity and imagination and create cute animals, landscapes, characters, and more in Becky Cas's signature, adorable style.Kawaii Drawing has all the tools and information you need to learn to draw your own kawaii-style art:   An introduction to kawaii, for those unfamiliar with the style Step-by-step tutorials that can be done using any drawing tools An overview of tools you can use, including pencil, pen, colored pencils, and even digital Instruction on illustration techniques Suggestions for how to find your own art style Tips for selecting a color palette and adding color to black-and-white drawings Throughout the book you will find helpful tips for finding inspiration and creativity anywhere you like to draw.Kawaii artwork is fun, joyful, and easy to create. Find your creativity and draw your own fantasy world with Kawaii Drawing!