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T H O R N & B U R R O W = texture & textiles sourced from around the world to create interesting interiors, curated for you, uniquely Y O U!
Created in Hong Kong by our founder who has been living, travelling and working in Asia ever since.
Her love of design and interiors sparked the opening of Thorn and Burrow.

The Story

T H O R N & B U R R O W emerged from my search to find products for my own home, once I adventured off from university. 
Not finding a desirable selection, and hearing the same frustration from many others, I decided to create, find and provide products that are beautiful, made with respect for people and our planet, and offer value for money.

When I was furnishing my own apartment, I knew that I didn’t want to visit a mainstream shop with salespeople pushing puffy, expensive designer products. I discovered and ordered my items from either second hand forums or sites like Etsy, sight unseen.

Realising that not every person would take that kind of leap of faith, my lifelong interior design obsession, love for working retail, and entrepreneurial spirit decided my fate…..the idea of Thorn & Burrow was born.

The home-wares industry is full of people and organisations telling you what you have to do to make your apartment perfect.
But I don’t believe in “have-to’s,” I encourage every one to make their apartment truly their own. 
Thorn & Burrow offers a uniquely curated selection of handmade and independently designed home-wares and accessories.

The T H O R N & B U R R O W concept and style is global, celebrating eclectic diversity, but you've got to start somewhere.
I started in Morocco, working with weavers and block-printers using natural fibres and eco-friendly dyes to create exclusive rug and textile designs.

May you be home wherever you find yourself!

Tamsin, founder