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Chinoiserie In Neutrals Limited Edition Artwork



Louise Hill: My first in a series of 'Limited Edition' prints, I wanted to create a collection of images in a neutral colour palette based on a luxurious Chinoiserie style, with touches of gold and silver.  As a ‘generic' Asian design, I have included imagery from several countries including Singapore, China, Japan, India, Hong Kong and Bali. 

Inspired by the beautiful antique Chinese lattice work in my old Hong Kong studio, the images are all "framed" as if looking through an ornate window. Each individual piece gives a glimpse into life in Asia, with a combination of places, colours, textiles and hand painted patterns.  I really enjoyed painting the floral panel and the Indian paisley motifs in gold and silver inks, however, one of my favourite parts of this design has to be the little ‘flying birds’ that I combined with the vintage jacquard silk fabric of a ‘tea cosy’ that I bought in Melbourne many years ago. I also love the Japanese symbols that I created using some beautifully woven golden fabric which I bought in the markets when I lived in Shanghai.


Size: Central panel 30 H x 29 1/4 W inches (76 H x 74 W cm)
Left and right side panels 30 H X 18.5 W inches (76 H x 47 W cm)
 Multiple colours
Construction: Printed onto cotton canvas in durable high quality Giclee Inks.  Artwork is hand stretched onto a wooden frame which is one and a half inches thick with a white border.
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Additional Information: My logo is printed on the top for authenticity and the canvas comes with a sturdy hook on the back for hanging. 

Each of my limited edition designs will have a print run of 100 only. Each individual framed canvas from each set will come with a hand signed and numbered 'certificate of authenticity' on the back.

Please note that each design can only be sold as a set and cannot be split into individual panels for sale.