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Becandle Diffuser



 Fill fragrance into the flask, insert wicks and let the fine fragrance gently diffuses in your room. Flip reeds every 1-2 weeks to ensure longevity.

Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet sea side outskirt of Hong Kong with premium fragrance oil

    • 200ml fragrance oil
    • 50ml glass flask
    • 8 reed sticks
    • Whole bottle lasts for 3-4 months
    Cacao Reed

    Cacao, tobacco, amber, tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla

    BouveryCV® uses a gluten-free vodka, blended with organic cocoa and natural flavors to create a rich dark chocolate alcoholic journey. From its 1999 inception in Notting Hill, London, Danny Bouvery's interest in blending fine chocolate and vodka (regular occupants in his fridge) led him to experiment and finally perfecting his secret recipe in New York.                 

    Jasmin Musk White Jasmin with citrus lemon, lily of the valley and musk.                 
    Spicy Wood  Black pepper, cedarwood, ginger, citrus              
    Bergamot Cedarwood


    Black Pomegranate

    Mistletoe, pink pepper, cardamom, frankincense, citrus

    Clove, patchouli, black pomegranate

    Amber, cedarwood

    Lemon Thyme
    Jasmine Peach

    Apple, pear, lemon, mandarin, loganberry
    Freesia, waterlily, lychee, osmanthus
    Musk, cedarwoods, dry fruits