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Polka Heart Wall Stencil - Large


Our Polka Heart Allover Wall Stencil is the perfect way to add sweetness to any room or craft project.
The Polka Heart Allover Wall Stencil is big enough to stencil as an Wallpaper Pattern or, why not, as a floor carpet.
Add a touch of playfulness by painting each heart a different color, or be a young girl at heart by painting a Metallic Finish using our Royal Stencil Creme Paints on a muted wall for an ultra opulent graphic statement! Use our Stencil Brushes to isolate single hearts in different colors for a Candy Hearts-look. Also available in a smaller furniture stencil: Polka Heart Furniture Stencil.
  • Stencil Pattern Size: 18.5"w x 15.25"h
  • Stencil Sheet Size: 20.5"w x 17.25"h
  • Single Layer Design