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Reed Diffuser (6oz)



With 10 fine-gauged rattan reeds, this custom diffuser is powerful without being overwhelming. Flip the reeds every other week for added life and fragrance.

Product Life: ~ 4-6 Months
Fill: 6.5 fl oz.
Dimensions: 2.5" D x 4.5" H

Apricot & Aprilia Notes of Sliced Apricot, Aprilia Lily Blooms & Black Rose.
Amber Lumiere Notes of Light Amber, Vanilla Benzoin & Indonesian Patchouli.
Crisp Champagne Notes of Sparkling Brut Champagne, Vanilla & Barrel Oak.
Tuberosa Di Notte Notes of Night Blooming Tuberose & Agave Nectar.
Lichen & Vetiver Notes of Springy Lichen Moss, Clean Aqua & Rich Indian Vetiver.
Mandarino Cannela Notes of Italian Mandarin Orange, Cream Heart of Vanilla Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Stem Ginger.
Pink Citron Notes of Ripe Citron Grapefruit, Tart Cassis & Subtle Rose.
Macaron Notes of the Famed Macarons de Paris.
Saijo Persimmon Notes of Persimmon, Peach & Red Currant.
Elysian Garden Notes of Speckled Fern, Moss & Grotto, Citrus Fruit & Green Foliage.
Laguna Notes of Velvet Sand & Dazzling Azure Seas.
Gardenia Colonia Notes of Gardenia Grandiflorum, Wild White Blooms & Creamy Velvet.
Prosecco Bellini Notes of Ripe Peaches, Sweet Pitted Apricots, Muddled with Sugar & Crisp Prosecco.
Suede Blanc Notes of Buttery Soft Sueded Leather & Rich Cedar.