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Welcome to the World Gift Set - Hong Kong Inspired


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Hong Kong’s cuisine is not only an exotic fusion of Eastern and Western tastes, but is also known as a Gourmet Paradise for the variety of creative culinary delights. Among these are the iconic dim sum, a popular form of Cantonese cuisine with its unique twist on tapas-style eatery, served in signature bamboo steamers. Who can forget our beloved Cha Chaan Tengs, with their long history as a part of Hong Kong’s food culture, serving as a symbol of Hong Kong’s unique history during the post-war manufacturing boom where factory workers got to try a taste of “Western” foods that were cleverly re-interpreted to please the local palate with reasonable prices.

This delicious set makes the perfect welcome gift to any new baby girl or baby boy! 

We are proud to support Angels for Children. A portion of our proceeds is donated to their project with Bali Kids, supporting pregnant mothers with HIV. To prevent exposing the baby to HIV, these mothers have to undergo a C-section and they are advised against breastfeeding. Your purchase will go towards supporting a mother's medical bill and formula costs and ultimately, will help prevent a child from a lifetime of carrying HIV.


Each set includes the following items:

•  Our exclusive, handcrafted Bean rattle doll made with 100% premium cotton and polyester filling (approximate size is 11.5 x 7cm)

• Our super soft fleece milestone photography blanket in "Dim Sum"  (extra large size in 120 x 120cm) - also comes with ribbon markers!

• Our 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton* swaddle in Dim Sum" (size is 120 x 120cm)

•  Our 2 pieces set of 100% organic cotton* bandana bibs in "Milk Tea & Egg Tart"

* Our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Trade Standard) certified